May 31 2011

“Settlements: the view from within” with Raphaella Segal

“Settlements: the view from within” So much has been written about the settlements and their role in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Hear what they are really like from Raphaella Segal, . As a founder of Kedumim 35 years ago as well as living there all these years, Raphaella gives the true reality and stories no one gets or hears from the media.

From a lunchtime lecture held on May 31st 2011. Click here to go to the JBD event page.

Raphaella Segal is the assistant Mayor of Kedumim in the Shomron. She is one of the founders and has seen the great revolution made in the area due to dedication and self sacrifice. When Raphaella speaks, she introduces the audience the Settlement issue. She brings the true reality that was achieved, the strategic importance of the communities to the safety of Israel . She breaks the incorrect stereotypes and misconceptions about the Settlement issues and tells about the Mesirut Nefesh and special spirit of the people.


May 24 2011

Geoff Bloch and Mark Baker - Did God save the Jews during the Holocaust

"Did God save the Jews during the Holocaust" Affirmative - Geoff Bloch Negative - Mark Baker Moderator - David Werdiger

From a lunchtime debate held on 24 May 2011. Click here to go to the JBD event page.

Geoff Bloch is a barrister practising in contract and commercial law and a member and baal koreh of Mizrachi shul. He is also a Greenie, being a keen camper and fly fishing enthusiast.

Mark Baker is Director of the Australian Centre for Jewish Civilisation at Monash University and Associate Professor of Holocaust and Genocide Studies in the School of Historical, Philosophical and International Studies.


May 19 2011

Rabbi Jacks - The Evolution of Evil

How does the Kabbalah view evil? Why is there so much cruelty, violence and pain in the world? Why does it often seem as if evil is perpetrated in the name of G-d? The most demanding challenge to religious faith is found in suffering and upheaval. What is our best response to evil?

Part of the Talk of the Town series, every Thursday at 12.15pm at Wingate Group, 9/333 Collins St. Click here to go to the JBD event page.


May 12 2011

Rabbi Jacks - Does G-d vote Labor, Liberal or Green?

Does Judaism’s favour a particular political system?

Are right wing or left wing governments closer to the Torah’s ideal for governing society?

Join us for a discussion on how to design societies that provide the maximum benefit to the largest number of people.

Part of the Talk of the Town series, every Thursday at 12.15pm at Wingate Group, 9/333 Collins St. Click here to go to the JBD event page.

Please Note: Rabbi Jacks will also be speaking on the same topic at the Toorak Shule, following the congregational Kiddush.


May 11 2011

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz - Leadership in a time of Crisis

"Leadership in time of crisis" Is Leadership an innate quality or cultivated? What is Jewish humility and what does it have to do with leadership? What is the relationship between a leader and leadership?

From a breakfast held on 11 May 2011. Click here to go to the JBD event page.

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz is internationally regarded as one of the leading scholars and rabbis of this century, and of the last. Born in 1937 to a secular family, the Rabbi studied at Hebrew University and was Israel’s youngest high school principal at the age of 23. He began his monumental work on the Talmud in 1965, and 45 years later, Rabbi Steinsaltz has completed his 45 volume Talmud translation and commentary in Hebrew, which is also being translated and published in French, Russian, Spanish and English. Rabbi Steinsaltz has also authored more than 50 books and hundreds of articles on Jewish mysticism, religious thought, sociology, biography, and philosophy.

Rabbi Steinsaltz is currently touring Australia under the auspices of the Jewish Education Association of Victoria. For more information, contact or Yossel Groner on 0404 624 642.


May 5 2011

Pirkei Avot 2

The Sages’ Guide to Living The ancient writings of “Pirkei Avot” is the Talmud’s Handbook of advice morality and ethics. It's a roadmap to happiness, fulfilment and personal growth. Join Rabbi Avrohom Jacks for an interactive study group which will draw on the insights of our sages, mysticism and modern psychology. This class is guaranteed to alter, elevate and enrich the way you look at life!

This week: Work-Life-Spirituality balance.

Part of the Talk of the Town series of lectures by Rabbi Avrohom Jacks of Melbourne Hebrew Congregation. This takes place every Thursday at 12.15pm at Wingate Group, 9/333 Collins St, Melbourne.


May 2 2011

Whistleblowing vs Mesira

Whistleblowing/Mesirah - when is it OK to tell? From dodgy backpacker landlords to a Jewish business or institution that may have crossed the line, when is it halachically permissible to either report them to the local authorities, or publicize/name & shame?

A lecture delivered by Rabbi Yanky Glasman on 2 May 2011 at Freehills

Rabbi Glasman is the President of the Rabbinical Council of Victoria and recently nominated for the position of Rabbi at St Kilda Hebrew Congregation