June 25 2012

Rabbi Jacks - The agony and ecstasy of Jewish sovereignty

"The agony and ecstasy of Jewish sovereignty" - an analysis of the last 64 years.

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June 21 2012

Rabbi Mendel Gluckowsky - “The official Chabad response to CitiField”

"The official Chabad response to CitiField"

From a lunchtime lecture held on June 20th 2012. Click here to go to the JBD event page.

Rabbi Mendel Gluckowsky is the Rabbi of Rechovot, and a senior member of the Chabad Beth Din in Israel.


June 19 2012

Rav Guy Avihod - “Dealing with stress and mental illness in the workplace”

“Dealing with stress and mental illness in the workplace”

Workplace stress is costing the Australian economy approximately $15 billion a year (2008 figures). What is the Jewish perspective on a stable work environment and dealing with mental illness?

From a lunchtime lecture held on June 14th 2012. Click here to go to the JBD event page.

Rav Guy Avihod is the director of a unique culturally-adapted mental health program for ultra-Orthodox Jewish men in Israel, which uses the traditional Jewish Yeshiva (religious learning) framework as a platform for rehabilitation and integration back into the community.

Over the past five years he has helped dozens of people dealing with mental illness regain skills and confidence to reclaim their lives in a way which is culturally relevant and of value to the individuals, their families and communities. He is on the advisory board for the Israeli Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and has lectured worldwide on the subject of mental illness and mental health. He is currently conducting research towards his doctorate in Social Work at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.


June 7 2012

“Israel: Oasis of Innovation” with Nadav Kidron

“Israel: Oasis of Innovation”

How has Israel emerged as a leader in high tech and innovation? What are some of the latest developments coming from this small country? Nadav Kidron mixes stories, anecdotes, data and video to paint a picture of an improbable digital oasis in the Middle East.

From a lunchtime lecture held on June 7th 2012. Click here to go to the JBD event page.

Nadav Kidron is the CEO of Oramed Pharmaceuticals. Oramed has developed a cutting-edge platform technology allowing the oral administration of injectable-only drugs. This technology is based on over 25 years of research at Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

Oramed’s oral insulin has produced very promising results in clinical trials, and stands to enter FDA-approved Phase 2 trials in the US at the end of the calendar year; its oral GLP-1 analog is expected to move into Phase 2a trials in Q3 2012. Each of these products alone could pave the way to a new paradigm in the treatment of diabetes, and together present a treatment potential currently unavailable in the medical repertoire.

The company is endorsed and directed by prominent leaders in the field of research and development.


Discussion with Rabbi Maciej Pawlak

In this casual round-table lunch discussion, Rabbi Pawlak discussed many topics, such as the Jewish community and Jewish education in Poland, how he discovered as a teenager that he was Jewish and his road to becoming an Orthodox Rabbi, and the phenomena of contemporary Poles discovering their Jewish heritage and how they deal with the revelation

From a lunch held on June 5th 2012. Click here to go to the JBD event page.

Rabbi Maciej Pawlak is the Director & Rabbi of the Lauder-Morasha Jewish School in Warsaw. He is the first post-Holocaust, Polish-born, Orthodox Rabbi with an inspiring life story.