April 25 2013

Cheryl Mandel: “The prism of bereavement in Israel”

"The prism of bereavement in Israel"

How the perspective affects the experience of bereavement as experienced by an immigrant mother of an Israeli soldier

The different approaches of secular and religious in dealing with victims of terror

From a lunchtime lecture held on Monday 22nd April 2013. Click here to go to the JBD event page.


April 8 2013

Leonid Bakman: “Start-Up Nation”: Israel’s History or Future?”

“Start-Up Nation": Israel's History or Future?”

Globalization and innovation are reshaping industry and economies world-wide. To participate in this global phenomena demands fresh thinking and collaboration between government, industry and academia.

From a breakfast lecture held on Friday 5th April 2013. Click here to go to the JBD event page.

Leonid Bakman, PhD Founder & Executive Director of the Israel Science Technology and Innovation Policy Institute. Prior to his activity in the policy institute Leonid was an entrepreneur and business developer of seed-stage High-Tech ventures. Consultant in STI strategic development and policy design to the National Economic Council of the Prime Minister’s Office and the National Research and Development Council and Lecturer in MBA program, School of Business Administration, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. An independent, non-profit “Do-Tank”, the Policy Institute is advancing Israel`s global competitiveness and socioeconomic development by shaping the policies and the network of public and private institutions that develop and adopt new technologies. The Policy Institute is the catalyst for Israel’s government, industry and academia transforming Israel into a Global Innovation Center; an integrative "sandbox" for research, development and testing of solutions to address the challenges of today and tomorrow.