Aliza Bulow 
"From Puritan to Rebbetzin"

Aliza Bulow is the Director of Ner LeElef's North American Woman's Program. She mentors graduates of their international leadership training program, as well as others who work in Jewish Adult Education and Outreach throughout North America. Aliza’s fascinating upbringing by activist parents led her on a journey to eventually find Judaism at the age of 16. Her own activism took root during her early high school years in the fight for freedom for Soviet Jews. Aliza then went to Israel where she studied for 2 years and then served in the Israeli Defense Forces from 1982-1984 during the first Lebanon War. Aliza eventually ended up back in the States and completed her degree in Hebrew and Jewish Social Studies. The Senior Educator at The Jewish Experience in her home city of Denver, Colorado, Aliza has been a Jewish Educator for over thirty years. In addition to teaching ongoing classes locally, she lectures internationally on a wide array of Jewish subjects. 
From a lunchtime lecture on Wednesday, August 19th, 2015.