“Dealing with stress and mental illness in the workplace”

Workplace stress is costing the Australian economy approximately $15 billion a year (2008 figures). What is the Jewish perspective on a stable work environment and dealing with mental illness?

From a lunchtime lecture held on June 14th 2012. Click here to go to the JBD event page.

Rav Guy Avihod is the director of a unique culturally-adapted mental health program for ultra-Orthodox Jewish men in Israel, which uses the traditional Jewish Yeshiva (religious learning) framework as a platform for rehabilitation and integration back into the community.

Over the past five years he has helped dozens of people dealing with mental illness regain skills and confidence to reclaim their lives in a way which is culturally relevant and of value to the individuals, their families and communities. He is on the advisory board for the Israeli Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and has lectured worldwide on the subject of mental illness and mental health. He is currently conducting research towards his doctorate in Social Work at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.