HIS EXCELLENCY MOHAMED MAEL-AININ Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Australia

“The Moroccan Jews: A Success Story of Coexistence, Tolerance and Prosperity”

From a lunchtime lecture held on March 30th 2012. Click here to go to the JBD event page.

Ambassador Mohamed Mael-Ainin has been a senior Moroccan diplomat since 2000. Since that time he has served as an Ambassador to Uruguay, Argentina and Jordan. Ambassador Mael-Ainin commenced his current position as Ambassador to Australia in February 2009.

Prior to becoming a diplomat, Ambassador Mael-Ainin held numerous senior political and media roles. He has been an active member, including holding senior roles, with the Istiqlal Party, considered to be a nationalist party often critical of the Monarchy. Between 1980 and 2002 he was a member of the Central Bureau of the Moroccan Association of the Support of the Palestinian Struggle.